An essay about how Martin Luther King Jr. infulences the lives of all peoples in the black community. it furthermore includes the NAACP rosa parks and The montgomery improvement association.

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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. changed many ways of the black community. King Jr.

is famous for many things which consists of; The Bus Boycott, Birmingham

Protest march, and the Poor People's campaign. He fought for many rights

for the blacks and he won a lot of the campaigns, but yet, he had also not

gone through with every single case. Giving the blacks what they had asked

and deserved for has changed us to this day. If it weren't for Martin

Luther King Jr., the world may not be as it is now.

Since the day Martin Luther King Jr. was shot on April 4th 1968, He has

evolved from a prominent civil rights movement in the United States. His

words were quoted by many people that had no power, people with great power,

and by anyone who has a dream to make their life better, to better the

nation, or the world.

For his great efforts, monuments and other such

symbolic figures have been dedicated to this courages man in his name.

Monuments such as the Center for Nonviolent Social Change, was established

to show his great efforts in his working abilities. Starting in 1986, the

U.S. congress made King very different from the rest of the people by having

his birthday to be remembered by having a holiday that laid on his birthday.

King was brought up into a family of many Baptist ministers. Martin Luther

King Sr., his father, was a priest of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. This was

a very important position and role that was handed down to him from his

wife's father, Adam Daniel Williams. King Jr. being the son of a priest who

had been associated with the black middle class, was fortunate enough to

have many opportunities for...