this is an essay from maxine hong kingstions "The woman warrior" about the short story whithin this book "Shaman. it shows my beliefs about toism and the beliefs found in this story.

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In analyzing the section entitled "Shaman" from the book The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston, I found many occurrences to be closely paralleled to my beliefs of Taoism. The author accurately illustrates how several ghosts and deceased ancestors are active in everyday life. Her mother's constant relations with the spirits and characters such as the half ape seem rather ordinary and common to my belief as a Taoist. These supernatural beings simply portray the amount of extraterrestrial energy that surrounds our internal and external lives. The author and more importantly her mother understand the significance that is placed upon the everyday life of an individual. Her mother very skillfully manipulates her powers when she relieves her midwifery school of its "sitting ghost". Another instance where she uses this power is when she is a midwife and is able to concoct a soup to give a sterol couple not only the ability to conceive but to be able to have a boy.

She obviously was in tune with the unseen cosmic forces that affect everyone at all times. She is an important example of one who is able to harness these forces allowing the benefits to help people less fortunate than herself.

In reading this section I found it rather easy to relate to the author's mother stories, simply because they are all enriched with the true Taoist belief. Although her tales might seem farfetched and even mythical to some, they are an important concept to those who truly believe in the forces that this world is enriched with. The magic in which she speaks of has helped many Taoist to enhance their lives by getting rid of thing such as plagues, ghosts and natural disasters.

Considering the similarities between this section and the belief of Taoism there...