Essay on media "diet" fueled killings

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The media “diet” is not as an important factor in these “rampages” as is the person’s mental state. It doesn’t matter if they listen to Slayer, Opeth or Parkway Drive, it depends on the persons psychological interpretations on such music. If a person listens to the music JUST for the music, they aren’t fuelled for murder, rape and other violent crimes. But, on the contrary, if a person listens to the music for a non-existent message, then off course their mind is going to say “yes, can you hear it??” and they are then perceiving what THEY create to be the right thing. Then these individuals, once apprehended, blame their outbreaks as “media fuelled”. At the risk of starting to lose my temper at these annoying, lets call them idiots (because I cant say what I want about them, and what I think), I will talk about the next topic.

The censorship is pretty effective in my personal opinion, but then again, I like watching pretty violent movies. But when I was 13 I went into video ezy in Mindarie and borrowed a MA 15+ movie with absolutely no problems what so ever. Now I may be biased in my opinion but if it’s that easy for a child to be getting violent movies, then I see how a child, who has not developed his psychological instincts and does not determine, correctly, what is right, or what is wrong, as he is still in the age where everything is still plausible, when he believes that he is invincible after surviving that one bike crash or this and that. But the child does not think of the repercussions of his actions, whether or not he will damage more than just his future, his life. He does not realize he could...