The essay "Men, Money and Dating" is about how men think they have to show off their money in order to impress their date.

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Men, Money, And Dating

Most men think that in order to be successful at dating they have to make, have, and be willing to spend a lot of money on their date. This isn't true. Most women aren't impressed by a guy's wallet. When a guy shows off his cash women find it arrogant, and a total turn off. What is important to most women is that the guy is caring, funny, and that she gets along with him. The amount of money in his bank account has little to do with it. Now this isn't always the case. Some woman are attracted to rich guys, or they don't want to work and want their guy to take care of them, but most women don't want to feel like they have to depend on a guy for everything.

Men think that they always have to pick up the bill after dinner.

It used to be that women didn't work so they couldn't pay for dinner. Times have changed now, and women work so that they can afford to pay for their own meal. When a guy insists on paying for a woman's dinner, it makes some women feel uncomfortable. A lot of women are used to working for what they have, and paying their own way, so when a guy pays for their meal it makes them feel awkward. Most men think that if they take their date out to an expensive restaurant and pay for their meal that it will impress them. Though it is a nice gesture, women don't always want to go to the most expensive restaurant. Most of the time an inexpensive place will do just fine. As long as the company is good, women don't care how much the food cost.

Now I'm not trying...