The essay is about a mother and daughter who go to a restaurant and are in culture shock.

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Esmeralda Jimenez

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"Big Bob's Place"

It is five years later and I can still remember my first, and last, visit to Big Bob's Place. Stopping in to see if anyone could tell us where to locate the turn we had missed, my mom and I, saw the most disgusting place we had ever seen. I could tell my mother was in total disbelief because of her red face and the loud gagging sound coming from her sunburned neck. She was about to throw-up the grease drenched fries and hamburger we had eaten earlier all over the beat- up chairs that couldn't withstand the weight of a feather. Big Bob owns and runs that restaurant in the middle of the town of Brownsville, Texas, ever since 1999. Even though the place looks like a neglected public restroom, Big Bob is proud of how clean he supposedly keeps his place.

He has often been heard to say, with the strongest Texan accent, "It don't matter how pore my restaurant is. The food can be clean." He is proud of his "D" rating and prominently displays it.

It is not a fancy restaurant, of course. The hundreds of booted farmers, railroad workers, and oil field workers trekking through have worn the carpet thin. Chunks are missing from the carpet at the favorite tables of the workers. The hardened veneer on some of the tables is missing a notch here and there. The paint on the walls has cracks and there is a perennial smell of hamburgers and body odor permeating the air. The casual observer would undeniably think the place is about to fold financially; instead, what we found that night was a well camouflaged center of social activity and the finest, most accurate, information available.

When entering the...