This essay is on the movie "The Lord of The Flies." It talks about how this movie relates to government.

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Lord Of The Flies

In the "lord Of the flies" boys from military school crash

in the middle of the ocean. They take a raft and paddle to

a nearby island where there are no inhabitants. They must

learn how to survive with no food, water, or shelter. The

main characters are: Ralph the colonel, brown hair,

considerate of others, caring, Jack the oldest, blonde hair,

trouble maker, Piggy chubby, smart, teased mercilessly,

emotional, Ralph's friend, and Roger Jack's sidekick,


Some of the basic jobs of government are to: make laws,

provide services, and maintain order. The boys attempted to

take care of these by making laws. Some laws were only

person who had conch could speak. Some services they

provided were the fire watch and hunting for food. The boys

maintained order by having regular meetings addressing the

problems and whipping those who stole from others.

Ralph's group had a direct democracy.

A direct

democracy is a government in which all the citizens vote on

every issue. Some examples of this are: they had regular

meetings, everyone was treated fairly, anyone could express

their opinions, and no one had any more power than anyone

else. Jacks group had a dictatorship. A dictatorship is a

government in which one person has the power and uses force

or fear to get the leadership. Some examples of this are:

he had a bad reputation, he told everyone what to do, scared

his followers by telling them about the monster, and

everyone knew he was older and stronger.

The three branches of government and the job of each

are: executive-enforces laws, legislative-makes the laws,

and judicial-judges the laws. Some ways they are

represented in the story are: executive-whipped for

stealing, legislative-only person with conch could speak,

fire must be kept going, judicial-the...