This essay is about my feelings towards Cape May New Jersey and all of the wonderfull things about it.

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My choice for the best vacation

My best choice for a vacation would be America's first seashore resort. Cape Mey now known, as Cape May is one of the most attractive, unique, and oldest seashore resorts in the United States. The are a wide variety of things to do such as: visiting the beautifully beaches, going to the thrilling board walks, and seeing the best Victorian houses in the United States. While I was there I really admired their beaches.

I picked the beach for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is the easy riding waves. The waves at cape may are never too big and are never too small and always give me an enjoyable ride. I also enjoy building sand castles their because the sand stays wet and is easy to work with. Cape May also has great scenery.

The most distinctive features about Cape May are the Victorian heritage.

When I am there like I am in a post card, The houses their are very well managed an look better every time I go back to Cape May. To me the most enjoyable part of Cape May is the boardwalk.

The boardwalk is the most exiting part of Cape May. While on the board walk there is a variety of things to do like: playing video games, eating out, and also going shopping for clothes. I also enjoy the boardwalk because is a good place to meet an interact with teens my age. While I am at the boardwalk I really get the fell of Cape May.

Cape May is not only unique it is one of the most attractive, and oldest seashore resorts in America. The beach, boardwalk, an Victorian houses provide enjoyment for all age groups. Cape May was officially designated a National...