ESSAY NAME: PSEUDO SEGREGATION AND WAS writtin from articles "The competitive Advantage of the Inner City" byMichael Sorkin and Robert Fishermen "Beyond Suburbia: The rise and fall of the Technoburn"

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Pseudo Segregation

As Towns became technologically developed they grew into major cities. These Cities eventually expanded moving to the outer regions of the city. New York City can be used as an example of a city, which has expanded to other regions. The regions included suburban areas such as Elizabeth and Hoboken, New Jersey, which is known as Manhattan city. Being that these cities were in other borough or states where they were considered edge cities where they bordered along the city. Some of the suburbs where technology influenced and became "technoburbs". These areas were slowly transformed into metropolitan areas becoming a self contained environment where people would only have to drive five minuets to work in a major cooperation. However, minorities living in urban areas are not able to commute long distances. These minorities often did not process any vehicles and where not able to travel to these suburban areas.

As a result these places were out of reach to the lower class workers in a sense of segregating them, however there was no actual segregation. These situations growly contribute to a minute to problems of poverty. This essay is going to discuss what both Sorkin and Fishman say about how the American city has lost it's core, why they each think this is a problem, and their solutions to "reagregation" (294) our cities.

Despite architectures design major cities will most likely suffer some form of disaggregating. One major city witch is experiencing disaggregating is New York City. New York city is considered a techno-city. New York City consists of two parts, a core city and an edge city. The core is where the major business are centralized and. The edge city is made up of areas witch is located around the core city, such as Brooklyn...