This essay is about nativity on public property.

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Nativity on public property is becoming against the law. Nativity means a symbol of Jesus just after birth. That is why people like Jews, atheists and non-Christians are against of nativity. Nativity scenes became into an argument between non-Christians and Christians. On one hand, many people say that nativity should be allowed, but in the other hand, some people say that it should not.

A large amount of people thinks that nativity should be allowed. The first reason is that people think that non-Christians can ignore the scenes. Even the atheists said that it's O.K. because it looks nice. It would be the same with the Jewish and non-Christians, they can ignore it. The second reason is because there is a law saying that denying nativity scene or any kind of signs on public property would be violating the law.

Which means that non-Christians shouldn't complain about nativity. Finally, the last reason is that nativity scenes make the public place pretty. Instead of leaving the public property alone, it would be better putting nativity scenes in it. It would look better because it is Christmas.

There are also Jewish people that don't like nativity scenes on public property. People should think that Christians are not the only one who lives in the world. There are Jewish that don't believe that Jesus is the savior. Some atheists don't care, but some do and don't like nativity scenes. The first reason why it shouldn't be on public property is because it's a free country. Since it's a free country, people should respect other kinds of religion by not putting religion scenes on public property. Putting nativity scenes on public property would offend other religions. Second reason is...