This essay is how the neo nazi skinhead movement came to be and its effect on post WW2 Europe and America.

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When someone mentions the word "Skinhead" one usually thinks of nazis. The majority of Skinheads are not direct nazis', they just share some common beliefs. They are thought of as racist youth that hate non-whites and Jews. British skinheads beliefs go deeper, their hatred for other races comes from their strong love and dangerous pride of their race. This white power that the skinheads exult can be summed up in the "14 words" by David Lane, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children".# White power is a way for skinheads to feel closer to other whites, and also to make them proud of being white. It is not possible for just a random group to successfully emerge without having any reason. Skinheads reasons were quite simple, their lifestyle deteriorating. The trigger of the second skinhead movement was caused by immigrants taking their jobs.

The previous events that preceded the movement were economic decay, earlier racial tensions, and strong nationalistic feelings. It is very important to see how everything influenced and allowed the second generation skinhead to become so powerful.#

In post WWII era England's economic condition was excellent and it allowed the general population to flourish. People enjoyed themselves and indulged in other activities other than work. The British would now see much more activity in their lives. "Pinball arcades, coffee bars, night spots with French names, continental suits" were now part of


everyday British life. Among this time of prosperity many subcultures of youth arose. Music would be a very strong influence on these new subculture's values.#

England's youth became more involved with music than they had before. Most youth enjoyed American music, mostly jazz and rock and roll. One subculture mainly focused on music, mixed black gospel, country...