This is an essay on the north and southern conditions before the civil war.

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Pre War America

Pre war America was divided into two sides: the North and the South. The North had many advantages over the South in areas such as population, assets and agriculture. These advantages helped put the North ahead of the South.First, the North had a tremendous population advantage. The North had an immense population of twenty-two million of which was almost four times larger than that of the South. The South had a population of nine million, of which eighty-seven percent were black. Northerners made up about seventy-one percent of the total American population, while the South accounted for twenty-nine percent. So, the South was greatly outnumbered and the North had a great manpower favor.

Second, the North had many assets that the South lacked. The North had many factories that the South did not. The North's factories produced many goods that Southerners depended on. Also, the North contained three-fourths of the nation's wealth.

The north had many banks businesses and commerce. The northerners had many railroads that allowed travel to take place in most of its regions. The South had a limited railroad system that didn't transport many people easily. The north also had many ships that traded with England. The South had none. The Southerners did have a profusion of loyalty that facilitated the formation of and army and defense of their beliefs.

Lastly, the North had many farms and the agriculture was plentiful. These farms produced a lot of food that was used to feed the people. On the other hand, Southerners mainly produced tobacco, cotton, and rice. The were forced to switch from growing cotton to producing food to feed their people. They thought that because the Europeans bought most of their cotton, that they would support them. Unfortunlely, they were wrong.

In conclusion,