A essay on the novel Death on the Ice by Cassie Brown. Called Adversity on the Human Spirit, about the struggle that the crew of the Newfoundland seal ship had to endure during their tragedy.

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Since the beginning of time the individual has been in a conflict. In the novel Death on The Ice by Cassie Brown we are shown how the crew of the Newfoundland survived in great hardship. The examples I will be showing you are of Jesse Collins with his struggle against the failing hope of the men, Cecil Mouland and his determination to live, and also Captain Abe Keans pride against the morals of Saint Johns. Every human being going those adversity through their lifetime, whether it be failing school, trouble with friends or family or even getting to school on time.

Throughout the story Jesse Collins was referred to as the "Indomitable Jesse Collins". On the first night that the men of the Newfoundland were stuck on the ice the men were tired and hungry from their march from the Newfoundland to the Stephano, all the men wanted to do was to get something to eat and lay down to sleep.

Jesse knew that if they stopped moving and slept that they would most likely never get back up again, so instead he motivated the men. He wouldn't let them sleep or even sit down for any amount of time. Jesse kept the men moving by walking in a circle and patting the back of the fellow in front of them to try to also warm up their shoulders. When the men's eyelids would become frozen shut by the ice they would stumble around blind until Jesse Collins came to each of them, on by one he would bit off the ice chunks from the eyebrows and eyelids so they could see once again. In turn of him biting off the pieces of ice he froze he lips. Since Jesse was so determined to keep the men on his pan...