This is an essay objecting abortion. It respects the womans choice. But reviews her choice to concieve in the first place.

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Abortion is Murder

Human life begins at conception. Therefore, abortion is murder of a person. Use of the term "pro-choice" to refer to those who support the right to choose a safe, legal abortion. We are a "pro-choice" nation. "Pro-choice" is "Pro-Death", the majority of our nation prefers death over taking responsibility for their actions. I believe strongly that abortion is murder.

Abortion should not be legal in the U.S. Abortion must be stopped. The right to life must be protected. But laws have never stopped abortion, only dismissed it to back-alley butchers. The shallow display is clear: when abortion was illegal, it was the leading killer of pregnant women in the U.S. Legalized abortion is a sign of the moral decay that is destroying America. It is essential to pass laws to stop this trend. Legislation cannot create morality. Prohibition did not stir moral outrage against drinking; it stirred outrage against Prohibition itself, and promoted widespread disrespect for all laws.

Abortion is morally wrong. Most Americans reject the absolutist position that it is always wrong to terminate a pregnancy and believe that abortion may be the morally right choice under certain circumstances. If you believe abortion is morally wrong, you are obligated to work to make abortion illegal and unavailable. Many people who are personally opposed to abortion for religious or moral reasons also believe that it is wrong to impose their values by civil law on everyone.

The fetus is in no real sense "part" of the mother, but is a separate and distinct human being. The fetus is totally dependent on the body of the woman for its life support and is physically attached to her by the placenta and umbilical cord. The health of the fetus is directly related to the health of...