An essay about how one would design a house for an Apache based on their cultural history.

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When trying to design a home, not just a house, for a family from a different culture you must first study their eating habits, life style, traditions, and family ties. Members of the Apache culture have a distinct way of living that has changed over the years, but the values have not. They still like open spaces and keeping their sleeping quarters away from their entertaining. Facts such as these are going to prove useful in the way I am presenting this floor plan. It needs to be kept simple, convenient, and most importantly it needs to be able to feel like home.

Starting from the beginning, it needs to be in the center of the land to have open space around the outside. Being in the center will create a feeling of comfort and relaxation. In addition, it will be welcoming and at the same time provide a certain level of privacy.

Apache culture shows they like open spaces and having a lot of room. This is important also because they like to invite a lot of friends and family into their homes. The Apache are very family oriented, and often three or more generations live in the same household.

As you walk through the front door, you should experience immediate comfort and welcoming. I would suggest that the living room to be the first thing you notice and doing so by placing it in the center of the house, because Apache's like to have guests over on a regular basis. This room should be seen as the center focal point and have a wide opening with natural tones to set the mood for casual or serious conversation. The fireplace's location in the living room serves as a comforting focal point as well. It brings nature in connection...