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The ideal President according to the Constitution and what I believe would differ greatly from what was seen in the 90s. Where the ideal President would not act along party lines, the Presidents of the past sought to draw themselves into party struggles in which weakened the nation in numerous occasions. The ideal President would act only on the best interests of the nation and not act as part of any sort of political agenda that would seek to gain power for the President's political party or from a desire to return to the office for prestige.

The character of my ideal President would be beyond reproach. Scandals that involve different aspects of his character, the way he behaves and his actions, would be nonexistent in the ideal President. Likewise, events like the "Monica Lewinski" scandal would never have the opportunity to take place.

The job that the ideal President would do is a multifaceted job.

In addition to the regular duties of the President as the chief of various aspects of government and functions, my ideal President would seek to restore the United States' reputation as the greatest nation in the world. Police actions in any country would be ended and when the military is to be used they would be given clear orders on what their objective is along with next to no rules of engagement - simply fire if fired upon. The political maneuvering that occurs in Washington would also be done with as much as possible. Instead of setting agendas and seeking compromise on them, the ideal President would use his (or even her) strength of character and reasoning to pass through various laws and bills. Another job of the ideal President would be to help change the way of life in the nation. While things...