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Each of these statements I believe are true. The first statement says that Styron's pre-eminent in his instinct for tragedy and respect for the sheer force of human feeling. Styron is outstanding in his ability to understand and un-tentatively explore the deeper and often darker aspects of the human psych. In pieces such as Sophie's Choice, a tragic tale about a young woman who survives the Holocaust and the Essays of Benjamin Reid, an essay of a poor black man on death row, he explores unimaginable atrocities committed on humans by humans and the jagged facet of discrimination that mares the complicated gem of mortal emotion. When so many authors, as another statement reads, are "either glacially noncommittal or hermetically personal," Styron is unafraid to delve into a subject and employ his strong-minded opinions in his works. This is how his writings are able to work. It grasps the reader and takes them deep into the exploration of what exactly Styron is trying to say with a passion and fever that is rarely seen.

But he is also reasonable. Many, when they become so impassioned with a subject, will give irrational arguments, yet Styron knows that to get his feelings and point across he must make sure to cover all things reasonably and never dismiss something of importance. For example, in the Essays of Benjamin Reid, a young man named Benjamin Reid is to be put to death for murder. Styron though believes that because of his poor upbringing, he should not receive capital punishment, but he does not say that we should excuse any wrongdoings done by said man. Instead he gives an argument that is competent and resourceful that people will relate to and take action for. This is why he his such a renowned author.