This is a essay paragraphing assignment that was done on the topic of friendship.

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Mandeep Sandhu

Two Paragraph Assignment

Writing: ELA 10 IB

In society, citizens are constantly flooded with images of sorrow, pain and death. In the present situation, society unceasingly sees and hears of the troubles in Iraq, and "The Bombs Over Baghdad." For most people, this plight is more than disturbing: it is downright depressing. The real solution to these perturbed emotions that we experience not only now, but also in our everyday lives at home, school and work, are not found in a pharmacy under trade names such as Prozac or Cipramil. The answer is much closer: it is our own friends. Friends are essential to living happy and healthy lives, and are important to keep us sane in the world that we are enveloped in. Not only do they give us a shoulder to cry on, but they also provide someone to converse with. In times of stress and sadness, both of which are not healthy to the human body, a good friend will always be present to care for and comfort that individual, helping them make the transition from sadness to happiness.

Friends are always present to advise each other, and aid to make healthy and valid choices. This advisory can be anywhere, in school, for example, or even on a personal dilemma that one is facing. Companions are willing to give someone their opinion and still let them do as they will. Friends create a kinship that can help advise and comfort a person. Similarly, friends craft a kinship that creates and enables a certain type of link between two individuals: communication.

This kinship creates a communications base where all kinds of information can travel. By trusting a friend, secrets that have ladened one's emotions and feelings can successfully move out of the individual's mind-set into...