This is an essay pertaining to the field of wildlife managers.

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Andy Stevens

Mrs. Steinkamp

English III

14 May 2002

Wildlife Managers

Wildlife Managers work on a international scale and a variety of work conditions. Wildlife Managers help preserve wildlife and stabilize the ecosystem. Wildlife Managers experience a promising career in the field of biology. There are many different jobs in biology varying from Genetics to Dairy Scientist and from Microbiologist to Veterinarian. A Wildlife Managers duties vary from banding wild turkeys to planning the construction of a wildlife refuge. Most of the advancement occurs when you have enough experience. Education and training start with you hobbies and continue on to your graduate work. The conditions vary from outdoor banding to indoor administrative work. Your salary depends on the place of employment and the person's educational value. The job outlook is estimated to increase slowly.

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There are many related professions in the field of biology. They vary from working with animals like a zoologist, marine biologist, and veterinarian (Fasulo, second 185).

To working with microscopes and computers like a microbiologist, mycologist, and geneticists (Fasulo second 185). As shown there are many jobs in the field of biology.

A wildlife manager performs many duties and tasks in a vast set of locations. Their main responsibility is planning and operating wildlife areas, parks, and refuges ("planning" 1). ("wildlife", world 306).

They classify how scarce an animal or plant is ("wildlife", world 306).

There are many methods used for the preservation of wildlife ("wildlife", world 306). They determine which method of preservation works the best by how threatened their species is ("wildlife", world 306). If their habitat was destroyed then they build new ones in safer spots ("wildlife", world 306). Some animals must have controlled killings to balance their numbers ("wildlife", world 306). Wildlife preserve beauty, economic, scientific, and survival values ("wildlife",