This essay is in the point of view from a business owner that wants to improve his employee statis.

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1) Organizational changes would start with Specialization and Departmentalization, which are the building blocks of business organization. Specialization and Departmentalization will help Programmers clarify what there jobs are and what group (department) they are working in. Its also identify what responsibility you will have in the organization.

Specialization would break up the programmers into serial deferent department giving the group more authority on product design. Now u have a group of people working toward the same common goal, what ever the department responsibility may Intel.

Giving the Programmers more authority on product design would open the company for fresh new ideals. This would make the programmers feel that they are part of the organization success. Authority is the power to make decisions that are necessary to complete a task thus giving mangers power to make decisions.

Employee authority would work best in a decentralization organization. Decision making authority would be delegated to various levels of management.

This would free up the owners time to require more contracts for the company. It will also show that the owner have full confident that there employees are able to carry out responsibility. The purpose of decentralization is to make a company more responsive to it environment by breaking the company into more manageable units.

Team authority would be good for the programmers because they are working has one unit having little supervision and having special authority.

Intrapreneuring rewarding innovation by pay raise, bonuses, and time off. Giving a department full range to come up with new product keeps the juices flowing.

2. Some organizational issues that determine a companies loyalty consist of respect, salary rates, benefits, and the work environment. If your company does not show respect its employees will eventually find a new place of employment. Most companies use groups to...