This essay is about President Andrew Jackson discussing whether he was a good or a bad president.

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Andrew Jackson, our seventh President of the United States, is in rather an ok President. Considered as the "People's President" he was very straight forward and honest to "his people". He takes his job seriously and possibly the most liberal president in history. His presidency however was neither bad nor good, but shared a fair amount of each.

First off, the good qualities he had was the fact he had bold commitment to enforce laws and fight back against secession threats from South. Two high tariffs were passed during 1828 and 1833 which increased taxes on imported foreign goods. The south was outraged by the high taxation so under the Nullification act that allows states to nullify laws they don't like. Soon after the second tariff was issued, they formed a convention to build up an army with the idea of secession. Jackson was so enraged that he was willing to use all the power he has to stop it.

Fortunately he was able to make a deal with the Vice President John C. Calhoun, who was in favor of the south, to lower the tax prices. The south backed off from secession and things settled down.

Secondly, the bad if not malicious duties Jackson did during his presidency was the force removal of Native Americans from Georgia to the west and the ending the National Bank system. The state of Georgia was against the Supreme Court who was against the removal of the Natives. Even though the Supreme Court won, Georgia as well as Jackson ignored it and forced the Natives out of Georgia to the present state of Oklahoma. Many died before they even got there. As to the National Bank issue, Jackson believed that it was a monopoly towards the upper class people and as a...