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On February 2, 2005, President Bush held his first State of the Union Address of his second term. President Bush's overall statement was to ask the nation to back the social security changes he is planning on proceeding with and to help pledge benefits. Bush plans to overhaul Social Security claiming that if nothing is done concerning personal retirement accounts, bankruptcy is ahead for the 21st century. However, Bush did make it clear that even though he is planning for big changes to Social Security, older Americans retirement benefits would not change, especially for Americans 55 and older. Bush also stated his new plan would also make way for no surprising market mishaps that could diminish retirement accounts right before retiring. Along with all this, Bush stated that young working Americans may be faced with limitations on their guaranteed benefits. Bush claimed that it would be hard, but future retirement security is an important issue.

The speech from there dealt little on foreign affairs than that of his last address. However, Bush did celebrate and rejoice over the Iraqi elections that were held on Sunday. Bush also made no inclination at the Democratic push for stating a release date for the American troops in Iraq. He claimed his reasoning was based on how he could not publicly announce information like that for the terrorists would have the impression they could just wait the US out. Also, President Bush asked Congress for $350 million to support the Palestinian state, where Israel could live at peace in a free democratic Palestine. Following that, Bush claimed that he will "confront regimes that continue to harbor terrorists and pursue weapons of mass murder" and focused on Iran and Syria for his most severe warnings and admonitions.

On domestic affairs, President Bush alleged he would...