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Gambling on the Indian reservations was under a lot of concern because of prop 5 that was put on the ballet in 1998 because it sought to attain approval for operation of casinos. It basically was tribes against casino interest. The Indians wanted people to vote yes on prop 5 so they could continue there gambling like they always did, they were using video gambling machines which were supposed to be illegal in there current status. These slot machines were said to look just like the slot machines used in Nevada, the state and some local officials said they were not expectable under the state law.

Not all of the tribes wanted to do what the state said but they wanted to keep there system of gambling the way it was with there own machines. They also did not like the idea of the proposed machine limit within each casino as well as the state restriction.

Pete Wilson's plan that each casino did not have more than seventy-five machines, with entire state having nineteen thousand nine hundred. What made the tribes mad was it hurt the growth they wanted in the coming years.

To come up with an alternative to the gaming device politicians and some engineers created what works like the California scratch off lottery system but it is machine based. Before Election Day the machines were put on display at the Jackson Indian casino that is forty-five miles east of Sacramento. The reaction was mixed as it is with any new venture but officials said the machine was a great success. People were playing them like the ones that had been replaced. It is important to except the new machines because they are some of the new gaming devices that were allowed by the governor in 1998. The...