This essay is about the psychohistory which is used to analyse Hitler and his beliefs.

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Psychohistory can only explain so much about the success and the policies of Hitler's regime because psychohistory relies on the assumptions and guesses of historians. However, at the same time, psychohistory has been able to provide some useful information about Adolf Hitler, the man so often described as either insane or the epitome of evil.

Before looking at the success and the policies of Hitler's regime it is best to look at Hitler's life before he entered the political world. Hitler was born of humble parents in an Austrian village in 1889 and had a strong detest of Jewish people as he feared that he had "tainted" blood. After the death of his father, Hitler heavily relied on his mother and even though he did not continue his studies, he refused to help out his mother by working. Hitler was lazy and less than outstanding in school. Instead, Hitler spent his time going to the opera and the theatre and he took to copying romantic art pieces.

Hitler never graduated nor did he ever hold a position of responsibility in military or civil life. In 1906, Hitler left his mother who was ill with cancer and tried to get into art school yet when he was rejected he continued to claim that he was an art student so that he could receive money from the government. Consequently Hitler was trialled in court. He was sentenced to repay the debt but after persuading a crippled aunt to donate a large proportion of her life savings to him, he was able to repay the debt and live quite comfortably in a men's home whilst reading more about some extremist political views. It was later in life that Hitler considered these years as the greatest of his life and he wrote that...