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General Psychology Questions and Answers

1) What factors influence,and may even change, gender roles, gender identies and gender stereotypes?

Cognitive theory that changes peoples goals in life might come into play also the theorputic techniques that once governed therapy. Like the gestalt therapist who justify homosexuality. This could affect the philosophy that men should be the dominate partner, never showing emotion. This new therapy could be a positive in the sense that the women might achieve more respect and say so of how things should be. The stereotypes that men and women had to carry in the past weren't all bad. I believe men should be the head of the household and women should follow his leadership except when it goes against the normal. She shouldn't be abused and not have the last say over how she feels about and issue concerning the relationship. This new psychology "post women liberation" allows women to have sayso and authority in matters such as abortion.

This could have an negative effect on her psychological make up and conflict with her mates feelings about the issue. The drive that is aroused by the independent age is seen in the women today. This hasn't affected all men negatively, though some have developed a laid back disposition of let her be the boss. This can cause the abuse to table to be turned in some rare cases.

2) Taking two schools of thought (your selection) how do schools of thought approach the topic of personality development and what is their perspective on it?

Freudian school of thought suggestion that the personality is divided into different levels of counciousness is rejected by Alfred Adler one of the original members of Freud's Vienna Psychoanalytic society. Adler's (theory) school of thought is now called individual psychology. Freud based his...