This essay refers to how polar bears live, and where they live. It also refers to many charecteristics of both male and female polar bears.

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Polar Bears

Ursus maritimus

Polar bears are the biggest carnivores that are walking the earth right now. The males can weigh almost one ton, and the females are roughly one thousand pounds. Some polar bears live up to 25.

It's easy to distinguish polar bears from other bears because of there white fur color. Their skin is black, to retain heat. They also have clear fur to help keep out water. The reason these hairs are important is because some bears barely ever go on land.

There coat and webbed paws make it easy to travel by water. Other bears prefer to travel from ice chunk to ice chunk, and the bottom of their paws are made so they almost act like suction cups. Bears have bears have the amazing ability to retain heat, so if you had a heat sensing device and it was below twenty degrees, you would not be able to find the polar bear.

Spanning throughout the world, there are 27,000 polar bears in 19 different areas of the planet. Alaska provides 5,000 of there bears, almost one fifth. Polar bears on average travel 5,500 miles yearly! That would be fifteen miles a day. Because of how polar bears were made, they live comfortably on both land and water. They are adaptable to most cold living conditions, and they aren't afraid to swim. Some bears have been found 100 miles away from land or ice.

Polar Bears are intelligent hunters also. They make holes in ice packs, and wait for seals to pop up. They then lurk behind their victim and feast on them. Polar bears diets consists of meat, and seal blubber. Humans are the only main predator of polar bears, but sometimes a killer whale will find a stray polar bear.

Polar bears are not protective of their land, and many of them share the same space or territory. They are nomadic creatures, always in search of food. Most of the polar bear population live in solitary, only staying with another bear for a few days in the mating season.

Polar bears are serious hunters, but there are reports that they slide on the ice into the water for fun.