Essay about a reflection on an ABC report on cheating and plagiarism for my religion class

Essay by benschri April 2006

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The movie we watched was very interesting. I felt like I could definitely relate to most of the situations they brought up. In particular, the point about how you felt the need to cheat nowadays to keep up with the cheaters. Their information was very accurate and it really gives you a look into what life is like as a student. When watching it I really felt like what they were saying was pro-cheater. The only problem with the movie was the give a lot of great reasons why there is such a high percentage of cheaters out there, but the never offered any ways to fix the problem. Then the movie switched to the problem of plagiarism. They addressed the issue and showed some of the difficulties of trying to detect it. They then went into the only way of detecting it and how to avoid detection.

Afterward they showed an example of a class and how bad plagiarism has gotten. Still they never offered any way to solve the problem.

I really enjoyed the movie we watched in class it was very interesting. Through out the movie I felt could relate to the students telling their experiences. For example, one girl talked about how she feels the need to cheat to keep up with all the other cheaters out there. From my experience, I have tried studying long hours for tests and then going in the next day, taking the test and then having the person next to me cheat and get a higher grade. I myself cheat because nowadays it is all about grades and getting into the best colleges and getting the highest grade point average (g.p.a.), and with out a good g.p.a., you cannot get into a good college. So...