This is an essay that relates the song "Enter Sandman" by Metallica to Enkindu's dream from the Epic of "Gilgamesh".

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Metallica's, Enter Sandman brings you deep into the mind of a dreaming Enkidu. The booming drums introduce you to those who " sit in darkness; with dust in their food and clay in their meat." The ringing electric guitar brings you face to face with Ereshkigal, the Queen of the Underworld. The long strokes of the bass guitar cause the servants that fetch baked meats to come alive. Then as all the of the instruments clash together a picture of the Underworld is formed. Former kings are running around, no longer noble or respected. Bird like people are gathered around sitting in darkness. Then as the raging cymbals collide over and over again the full picture of the underworld is painted. Enkidu is surrounded by death and misery. Everything around him is haunting him in one-way or another.

Enter Sandman combines a brilliant mash of rock instruments to bring Enkidu's underworld to life.

The long guitar crescendos show Enkidu's emotion as the terrifying people glare at him. The music portrays a defeated King Kish who used to be carried by eagles into heaven during the old days. Now he and Enkidu are both suffering in the underworld. The house of dust that Enkidu enters is portrayed by bass drums that come alive right before the lyrics. He enters the house of dust to find high priests that are no longer worshiped and acolytes that no longer chant their magical words. Almost like the nervous beating of a heart the bass drums continue to roar until Enkidu sees the tablet in Ereshkigals hand. Then the electric guitar kicks in again and Enkidu awakes furiously. "He is like a man drained of blood who wanders alone in a waste of rushes." These violent "rushes" are portrayed perfectly as the...