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"Antigone" and "Anthem" are very similar; mainly because of their main characters Antigone and Equality. They both are fighting for their independence. They are both fighting for what they think is right. Antigone thought that the gods' laws should be followed and that defying them was not right. That's why she buried Polyneices's body, because it was the gods' laws that someone has to be buried. She didn't care about whatever punishment Creon was going to give her because she knew she did what she thought was right and that's all that mattered to her.

Equality re-invented the light bulb and showed it to the world council. But the world council rejected it saying that it would disrupt the entire system. "This would wreak the plans of the world council," said Unanimity 2-9913, "and without the Plan of the World Council the sun cannot rise."(pg74) The council said they were going to destroy it.

But equality wouldn't let them and ran off with the light bulb into the uncharted forest. Equality finally realizes how corrupt the brother was and this is how he fights for his independence, by leaving the brotherhood and making a new society. "Only we wished to be away, away form the city and from the air that touches upon air of the city." (pg76)

Later on when he got to one of the old cities he found a house and he settled down with Liberty he made a plan to go back to the brotherhood and take the people who he thinks deserve their independence. And he will bring them back to the new place that he discovered and they will all live together free and independently. "For the coming of the day shall I fight. I and my sons and my chosen...