This essay is about religion, concerning a cult or sect, mine was the Aum Shinrikyo, translated as The Supreme Truth. They were responsible for the Gas release in the Tokia subways.

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For this project we had to choose a sect and describe it, describe what they think is salvation, make a conclusion and list your sources. The sect I chose is the Aum Shinrikyo sect. I chose this sect because of its enormous number of followers and because I was curious how people can become so violent and to such an extreme way. Another point of the project was to describe Salvation and the way that your sect or cult saw or thought to reach Salvation.

Description of the sect:

The Aum Shinrikyo sect is mainly a Japanese sect although it has followers all over the world. Aum Shinrikyo stands for Supreme Truth. It was founded by (Chizuo Matsumoto, which was his official name before he changed it too)Asahara Shoko. Asahara Shoko moved to Tokyo in 1977, there his interest in religion begun.

Through his urge for faith he joined a group called "Agonshu" which was a new religion that thought bad karma could be "removed" through suffering. His first few followers came from a yoga class, which he and his wife attended. In 1986 he received enlightment while he was in the Himalayan Mountains. When he came back from the Himalayas in 1987 he changed his name from Chizuo Matsumoto to Asahara Shoko. After he did that, he named his "group" Aum Shinrikyo. Aum stands for "powers of destruction and creation in the universe" in Sanskrit, Shinrikyo means "teaching of the supreme truth". As the name suggests the goal of Aum Shinrikyo is to teach and learn the truth about the creation and destruction in the universe. In the year 1989 the group tried to register itself as a religious Corporation, that request was not granted.