This is an essay/report about the movie Dead Poets society it also explains the poems that are used in the movie and how they relate to real life.

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The poem "Oh Captain! My Captain!" written by Walt Whitman talks about the death of Abraham Lincoln. He died during the Civil War, which is represented by the voyage the ship has undergone. It shows how the battle was won but the leader or president was lost. Although he won, he will reap none of the rewards that are there for him at home dock. It's like putting great effort into something then not getting the reward for all the work. Everyone celebrates around the death not knowing except for the narrator who carries all the burden of losing the captain.

This relates to the move in that the teachers morals were taught to all the kids. They all learned the correct way to experience poetry. However, for learning all of this they lose their captain, or their teacher. They are forced to carry the burden of losing their captain.

Moreover, the teacher himself will not see any rewards from his students besides from what he remembers. They all stand up on their desks to show that they will not forget their captain.

The poem " The Road Not Taken" written by Robert Frost talks about choosing a final destination not chosen by everyone else. His poem talks about be split by two choices. One is the choice that is common and taken by everyone. The other is the less traveled one. Both paths are unsure. The second path however seems more tempting but he does not show it. He tells us both are equally good. He would love to travel both but can't due to human limitations. Everyone normally chooses the normal route but in the movie however the kids take the road less taken.

In the movie, the teacher strives to teach the kids to learn about...