Essay on Resilience and How One Can Promote Resilience

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Student's Name: Tanya Whelan

Lecturer's Name: David Williams

Course: B.A. Social Care Practice (In Service)

Year: 2

Subject: Principles of Professional Practice in social care

Submission Date: 27 October 2009

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Title of Assignment: Discuss how social care workers might utilise resiliency theories and frameworks to meet the needs and enhance the life skills of a group of clients in their care. Your discussion should draw on relevant theoretical frameworks and be applied to a particular social care setting of your choice.

Declaration of ownership: I declare that the attached work is entirely my own and that all sources have been acknowledged.

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"A resilient child/ person have more positive outcomes than might be expected given the level of adversity threatening their development" (Gilligan, 2001:5)

Many of the young people we work with on a daily basis have been confronted with adverse things throughout their childhood such as, separation, loss, trauma, neglect abuse and disturbances in the attachment process.

How a child overcomes these issues can often reflect the level of resilience that the child may have internalized. Children that have been met with this adversity can all too often feel unloved, unworthy, insecure, rejection, have very low self-esteem and a lack of trust in the adult world. (Lowenthal, 1999). Caregivers can provide these young children with the care, stability and nurturance they need to recover from such events. As the above quote states a resilient person will possibly have better outcomes. Therefore, the concept of resilience and the factors that strengthen it are relevant to social care workers as it gives ingredients that one can utilize as a way of meeting the needs and enhancing the quality of life to a young person in their care. Throughout, the following...