This is an essay in response to a large case that was in the state of massachusetts and, it is in respons of a pretrail report.

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To begin with, this man did not seem to have initial problems that you can see in court, or with interaction with others. As a child, he went through abuse and abandonment with his family that has seemed to surface when he was told his fiancée was having an affair with another man. I think it is more than natural for a partner to be angry and hurt at the other because in an adult relationship, he built his life around this woman and a sense of insecurity arose. What he physically did was not acceptance; he defiantly should not have pressed a gun in his fiancé's mouth. In the report is mentioned that they both were pushing and restraining one another. She was probably perturbed that he went to go see that other woman, by himself, even if a friend of hers was present. They both set insecurities for one another.

When he was looking for his wife, I think in reality he was regretful upon what he did but it is unfortunate that things happened the way that it did, but it is very apparent that both sides are reconciled. I feel that there is no need for any incarceration or an ordered separation. We as officials have to look at what the consequences of our actions could become. If put in jail, his family and his ex-wife will suffer tremendously. He brings home the money from his job and carries insurance. With his fiancée not having a job or skills it will make it virtually impossible for them to survive. Filing an order of separation, he could eventually go to jail for violating it. It shows that both himself and the victim love one another, and there will be interactions regardless if the court says so. A...