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Spiritual Life

The Salvation Army is not only an evangelical Christian church but also like a "holiness movement" whose members seek to become more Christlike through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Personal devotions and worship together in the community of believers are vital parts of Salvation Army spiritual life, as are Bible study, prayer and meditation. In this section we provide a course of readings in our Daily Bible Reading Guide, a Prayer for Today to help you centre your personal prayer time, and a Pause for Thought for your meditations.

Relief Work

Emergencies and disasters come in many shapes and sizes. Some, like the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the horrific events of 11 September 2001, take centre stage in world attention. Other emergencies impact upon the lives of thousands, yet appear to go unnoticed. However, one thread runs though many of these events - the response of the Salvation Army Emergency Services, a section of the Programme Resources Department of International Headquarters.

Our church

The Salvation Army is part of the universal Church... Salvation Army places of worship are sometimes called "citadels" or "temples", but, whatever their name, they are Christian churches that are open to the community they serve and offer a warm welcome to all.


Most Salvation Army centers hold weekly worship services, usually on a Sunday. These meetings have a relaxed atmosphere, and can include hymn singing, Bible readings, members of the congregation talking about their Christian experiences, and presentations by worship or drama groups. As well as services on a Sunday, there are often weekday and evening activities, such as prayer groups, family events, lunch groups, youth clubs and meetings for seniors.

Community Development

The Salvation Army works together with communities to develop:

* alternative...