This essay is a satire about the 2003 California Elections.

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Two Week Election

In respects to the highly successful California recall election, I would like to propose a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution. As Americans, we are tired of seeing the same face as a political figure everyday, week, month, and year. Just like how our eating, recreational, and even sexual habits change, people should have the ability to change government officials. It would be beneficial for the country to be able to elect officials in a shorter amount of time. The amendment I propose, calls for the ability to reelect a mayor, governor, or even the president every two weeks. This policy would create a whole range of possibilities.

Only 39.9% of the current population of the United States votes in the general election. (McDonald, Michael,, April 2003) This is an amazingly low turnout percentage, considering that the general election is only once a year. Having people vote in an election every two weeks might be a problem.

Making voting more convenient might be the solution. Almost everyone stops in a liquor store sooner or later throughout the course of any given week. Whether for Tequila, or a lotto ticket, people enter liquor stores for their recreational needs. I propose having a voting booth, and booth operator, in every liquor store throughout the country. Have a voting booth in a liquor store ensures that everyone voting is of voting age. This might be a costly process, but we can not put a price on democracy. This will create jobs, and if we could trademark the voting experience, we would be able to license it to liquor manufacturers. Obviously, the licensing of voting will be a fee based process, which will subsidize the cost of the voting process, relieving some of the imposing income taxes. Manufacturers can use...