This essay shows the importance of education in our society and past societites.

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To many people, obtaining an education has always been a very important goal.

High school to college or even a G.E.D. most employers will not hire workers that have

not yet obtained one of these. So many Americans strive to get their education for one

reason or another. Many people wonder what good does knowing dates and the names of

all the presidents of the United States of America does in our lives outside of school. We

wonder how this information applies to the real world and what the reason are that we

were asked to attend this institution.

It has been learned that education is thought of as some kind of reform for the human mind. Some people would say what is the sense in an education when I have already learned everything I need to know on the street. Part of our education is convincing us to think, through the process of grade school (this includes k-12 grades), like "good" citizens should.

A good citizen being someone that wakes goes to work maybe has a family, goes home and does it all over again the next day. It is said that within the lesson plans used in school there lies a hidden curriculum. On which students are graded on how well they conform to the learning structure of the school district. John Gatto said in his books that when he taught his classes sometimes useless and unconnected facts he was really teaching seven important lessons that are taught nationally. Gatto described these lessons, as confusion, class position, indifference, emotional dependency, provisional self-esteem, and that one cannot escape conforming to these lessons. Gatto also stated that this was the plan, since the Roman Empire. "Plato reluctantly transmitted in The Republic when Glaucon and Adeimantus extort from Socrates the plan...