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The Silk Road is not a road at all it was a means of trade and travel. It is a giant web of cross roads and stops that offered a network of markets and places of trade scattered all over Asia. The Silk Road has different routes that lead to China, India, parts of Europe and everywhere in between. The Silk Road also managed to circulate trade amongst the Mediterranean and Europe, also trade was found throughout eastern Asia on the other end. Many people traveled these roads learning about culture and trading goods and religions. One such explorer was Marco Polo.

Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy in 1251 and he later died in 1324. Marco Polo was probably one of the most famous out of all of the explorers ever to travel on the Silk Road. He traveled throughout out Asia for a total of twenty four years.

He traveled farther then those who came before him and even managed to become good friends with Kublai Khan. He managed to travel all throughout Asia vividly remember it and came home to tell his story.

Marco Polo grew up like any other boy. He had the usual type of education for a boy growing up in Venice. He learned a lot about authors from the past, learned Latin, French, Italian and learned parts of the bible. When Marco was six years of age his father and uncle left for their first trip to China. Marco's father and uncle did not come back until 1266. By that time Marco was fifteen years old and his mother had passed away. Marco, his father and uncle continued to live in Venice for two more years and finally in 1268 the three went off to Cathay.

When Marco was seventeen they set...