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Skateboarding and Rollerblading

When comparing skateboarding and rollerblading, you must first consider which is going to be easier for you. When skateboarding you are actually on top of the object where as in rollerblading you wear the skates like you would shoes.

There are two styles styles for both skateboarding and rollerblading. Street and Vert. Street for skateboarding is mostly done by skaters who like stairs, ledges, and drops such as loading docks. For rollerblading it is done by skaters who also like stairs, handrails, ledges, drops, and also large gaps. Also some rollerbladers like big parking lots so they can practice certain tricks such as cess slides. Vert how ever is a done in a huge halfpipe. A half pipe is half of a full pipe. For rollerbladers vert consists of air tricks, grinds, stalls, and spins. For skateboarders the types of tricks are flip tricks, grabs, and spins.

In all vert skating the higher the air the better your score in competitions.

As I have mentioned before some of the types of tricks are the same. Grinds and grabs can't be the same because in one case you have a board under your feet but on the other one you are wearing the skates. On skates grinds are fun because there are many different foot variations, but on a skateboad it is challenging because you must ollie (type of trick) to get onto the obstacle before you start grinding. There are also many variations for skate grabs but on a board you have to pull the board up to your body to start the grab and then you can do a grab trick.

One of the biggest differences is the cost. Roller blades consist of more parts, which means that the skates are going to be more expansive...