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Essay by McDillisB, October 2002

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The Fear of Starting College

When I first decided that I would continue to go to school I was a little scared. Reasons for this were because I didn't know how hard the school work would be or if the teachers would just lecture all day and not help me out. I also didn't want to grow up yet I wanted to take a break from school but feared that I would lose the ambition to go back.

I was scared of all the work I would have to do. People always told me that It just gets harder and with that in mind how would I be able to work, spend time with friends/ girl friend, and go to school. I would be overloaded with homework all week from my classes that I wouldn't have time for anything else, my life would be just school.

With all this home work I thought to my self "Would the teachers just lecture and assign homework from their lecture, and not help you out and just expect it done?", so with all this homework and no help I would just keep getting deeper and deeper in homework debt.

With all this going through my head I was worried if I would even want to go.

School shouldn't be Scary for anyone. School is a place where anyone and everyone can come and learn and expand their minds. If you are one of these people who fear going on to a greater education, remember it's for your education. And you shouldn't be afraid of going for your goals even if the path to getting them is intimidating.