This essay is on the subject of Transracial Adoption.

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Trans-Racial Adoption

Out of all the issues families face in this day and age, I decided to make the issue of trans-racial adoption the topic I will write my term paper on. The reason I picked this topic is primarily because I come from a family with a trans-racial adoption. My sister (originally Sun Hee Lee, now Sunny Lee Bolger) was born in South Korea. She was four years old when we adopted her. My family had decided to adopt a deaf girl because my Mom was no longer able to have children, and she wanted to raise a deaf child because she is deaf herself.

During the course of this term paper I hope to learn what challenges and successes other families have had with a trans-racial adoption. A big challenge I know of that families face is making the child feel at home and comfortable, especially during those first few days and weeks of the adoption.

I would like to learn what sort of strategies families use to make the child feel as comfortable as any other sibling does in the family. Does the child feel so comfortable that when they reach adulthood they experience no disappointments about being adopted into their new family? Does the child hold on to their heritage, or do they show no real interest at all in learning about their country and culture of origin. After doing more research on this subject I hope to find some sort of statistics and studies done that compare the success of trans-racial adoptions to the success of same race adoptions. I would like to find out why some adopted children try to find their biological families, and show signs of anger and resentment when they reach a certain level of maturity. I hope to uncover some...