This essay is a suicide note left by Eva smith/Daisy Renton.

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To any one who still cares?

This is a note to explain to you why I have done this. I want to be with my family, the only people who actually care. I was brought up in a kind and caring environment far away from the city, evil murders and drunks.

By the time you are reading this I will no longer be here, I will be in a better place with the rest of my family. If you didn't already know I was pregnant then you do now. I just didn't want my child to be let into a world of such evil, it just wouldn't have been right. I am only protecting my baby from this evil world, I did not set out to murder it I just wanted to be able to look after and nurture for it in the best place in the world.

I used to work at Birling's LTD but when I asked for a raise from 22.6

to 25 shillings, Mr Birling the owner of the factory fired me.

I was then offered a job at Milwards. It was the best job I had ever had. I enjoyed it so much, I was able to look at all the expensive clothes, and imagine I was wearing them at a fancy ball or party. I can even remember that one day a lovely young woman came in and wanted my help to find the perfect dress for her wedding. That was the last time that I worked in Milwards. I was fired again but this time there was no reason. To be totally honest I hadn't been fired I might still of been alive today. So if you want to blame someone on me killing myself blame the owner of Milwards after all...