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In the essay, "Steps Toward Multicultural Curriculum Transformation," Gorski states, The curriculum of the mainstream is Eurocentric and male-centric. It fully ignores the experiences, voices, contributions, and perspectives of non-dominant individuals and groups in all subject areas. All educational materials including textbooks, films, and other teaching and learning tools present information in a purely Eurocentric, male-centric format. This stage is harmful for both students who identify with mainstream culture as well as individuals from non-dominant groups. It has negative consequences for the former because, it reinforces their false sense of superiority, gives them a misleading conception of their relationship with other racial and ethnic groups, and denies them the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge, perspectives, and frames of reference that can be gained from studying and experiencing other cultures and groups."

This impacts the lives of the students who come from a different background. It bring the importance of their cultures and beliefs to a very diminishing level.

This creates a problem of alienation. It is very hard for children who immigrate to the United States to accustom to a different culture and environment. Making it even harder when their culture is being ignored and not validated.

Garski believes, teachers should begin to "celebrate" difference by acknowledging information or resources about famous people and the cultural artifacts of various groups into the mainstream curriculum. Around the classroom there might be pictures of important African American figures. Celebrating Black History Month. Also, celebrating the culture of each student in your classroom. Have flags of different countries. Celebrate Women by putting up pictures of important women figures. This helps everyone appreciate and learn important figures from all over the world.

Integration is very important as an educator. Make sure to integrate books by culturally diverse authors. This goes outside the...