This is an essay supporting functionalism. It is not truth, but rather a concocted situation to prove a point.

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The Martian Situation

Recently, NASA has brought back 5000 Martian beings to Earth, but the question that has sparked fiery debates still remains: What is to become of these Martians? Upon arrival, the Martians immediately adapted to the Earth's oxygen levels, biochemical composition, and temperatures. Through research, scientists have concluded that the Martians are able to adapt quickly in any situation, but the tricky circumstance is that they are only able to adapt once. What does this mean for the Martians? If they were to be taken back to Mars, their home planet, they would, most definitely, perish. Are they able to live here amongst humans and Earth animals and what purpose will they serve? By using valid evidence and the functionalist theory, I propose to defend that Martians should be kept here on Earth and used for work purposes.

Essentially, these Martian beings are similar to our very own horses, but they are just slightly more advanced.

By watching the Martians on Mars and on Earth, scientists have discovered that they are able to live, reproduce, and die on their own. Oddly enough, they do not have any form of communication. They live amid themselves, travel together in search of food, are void of intelligent thoughts and emotions, but "have the unique ability to perform complex tasks for humans," said a NASA scientist. Unlike horses that are only able to do manual labor such as pulling and providing transportation, these Martians have the capacity to learn to perform much more complicated tasks such as yard work, gardening, household chores, painting, tax filing, and so on. The Martians have basic thought processes based on instinct and survival. Given tests, they were able to perform on the level of lower animals, thus confirming that they have distinctly lower mental capacities than...