This essay is about sylvia plath and her book the bell jar.i compare her life to her book.

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Everyone's life is filled with unique experiences, either positive or negative. It is often helpful to express those experiences and thoughts through writing. Sylvia Plath, a famous novelist, has adapted this method of expressing her thoughts and feelings. She gives life to her character by reflecting her own personal happy and unfortunate life experiences. In the novel, The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath, the main character's, Ester Greenwood's, lifestyle and personal situations, such as her relationship with her father, her marriage life, and her educational background, closely portray of Sylvia Plath's life.

Sylvia Plath was born on October 21, 1932. She had a very close relationship with her father. He was known to be a good writer. Sylvia Plath's father died from lung cancer a few days after Sylvia turned eight years old. Afterwards she was very sad and when she turned nine she wrote and published her first poem.

The poem poignantly described her father's death. Therefore, throughout her life she always missed her father immensely because her relationship with her father was so real and she was much closer to him than she was to her mother nor her brother.

Likewise in the novel, The Bell Jar, the main character, Ester Greenwood, also wishes her father never died. Her father was part of her life for only few years but she felt that her father was the only one who was able to understand her. Nevertheless, once he was gone she always felt lonely. She was not able to talk about her feelings to anyone because she said that "they hurt too much to talk about them". Plath clearly depicts the connection between her imaginary character and herself. There is no doubt that the death of her father is one of the reasons why...