An essay on the symbolisim in Run Lola Run for my film studies class.

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Nick A.

Period 3

Film Studies

Run Lola Run

The film opens up and sets up the entire film about how things are always questioned in the same way and how it is always the same answer. The main characters have the same outcome in each scene, even when things are altered just a little bit. Lola affects everything around her by the choices that she makes. It is all about timing and the way things can be altered in a second.

Twenty minutes to come up with 100,000 marks, a race against time. Lola is constantly looking at the omnipresent clocks checking the time to make sure she gets the money to Manni on time. The number twenty plays an immense role in this movie, the last scene Lola is at the casino and is betting on the red number twenty, and wins. The color red symbolizes vitality, life, death, intensity, passion, and even love.

The ambulance in this movie is also in a race against time. In each situation they are both tied down to saving a life. Lola and the ambulance need to slow down in order to avoid shattering the glass. This glass symbolizes a metaphor for life, and along with the red ambulance, it suggests life and death, along with urgency and emergency, just like Lola's predicament. In one scene, the ambulance does crash through the glass, and the people carrying the glass are dressed wearing all yellow symbolizing a warning, foreshadowing that something bad will happen. When the ambulance breaks the glass it symbolizes the fragility of life, and that it is delicate and it can easily be lost.

My impression when glass shatters is that it symbolizes life, and that it is never clear, and that your dreams can shatter. The sound...