this essay will be talking about the two main themes played in the novel A Separate Peace.

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The themes hope and fear are two of the main themes played in A Separate Peace. These two themes play an important role in the novel. The reader gets to know how hope helps Gene and Finny to cheer up and live happily. Also, the reader gets to know the opposite through the theme of fear. He gets to know how fear captures the freedom of the human's spirit and creates an enemy within. Moreover, hope wins against fear. Hope lives forever but fear does not live forever. Fear dies as soon as the truth comes out but hope is the only thing, which could frees the human spirit. However, fear sometimes wins and lives forever even after the truth comes out. Finally human's fear and human's hope are always opposite. Fear captures one's freedom but hope frees it.

Hope lives forever. Hope does not stop. Gene lives at Devon hoping that Finny could get better.

He hopes Finny's leg gets better after the accident which happens to Finny-"you know you can't play because of your leg. Finny answered 'I think it is getting better' ' oh! Thank god' Gene answered." This quote takes place after the arrival of Gene. He goes to see Leper Lepellier who has escaped from the army. He sees Finny in a snowball fight with the other boys. Gene is happy after he knows that Finny's leg is getting better. This hope inside him creates a mood of happiness around him. He does not stop hoping that Finny could get better. Also, Finny hopes that he could enlist in the army even after he broke his leg for the second time. During the time he spent in the infirmary, he uses to send letters to many important people such as the Coast Guard, the...