This Essay talks about how the movie, Remember The Titans is realated to Health in a Social, Metal Emotional and Physical way.

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This is and essay on how Remember the Titans is associated with different phases of health, social, metal-emotional, and physical.

First of all Social health is associated with the movie is all the boys getting told that because of their race they weren't aloud to hang out with each other. Another way is when Coach Boone gets the job of Head Coach for T.C. William's High football team. The white players parent's tell them not to play for Coach Boone because he is black. Then after all is said and done the white and the black players play together on the team.

The Metal & Emotional way that the movie is associated with health is that, During the camp when the players were made to live with another player of a different race as them. They started to respect and understand each other and then the whole team became closer.

A second way this happened was when after a football game the Titans won Gerry's white girlfriend asked him to get in the car with her to go party and he refused and went with his black friends. A third way is that in when one of the white players was not blocking for a black Quarterback the Captain of the team, Gerry had him kicked off the team because he was not blocking for a black player.

The physical way the Remember the Titans is associated with health is that, at the camp Coach Boone works the players very hard in the hot sun and denies them of water to make them "stronger". Cause in his mind water makes you "weak" then every game he had the players give him their all and that drained every one physically after the game. But winning made it all right.

In the...