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Tattoos and tattooing are taking on an increasingly larger, more visible role in today's mainstream pop culture. Now you see all kinds of tattooed celebrities, rock stars, movie stars, sports stars and even the elite super models proudly displaying their body art.

Tattoos have been a part of people's lives for many years now. To most people living in South Africa, tattoos are a normal thing, however there are many people with opposing opinions.

It's impossible to walk through a mall for more than a couple of minutes without spotting people of all ages with tattoos. Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, and they can appear almost anywhere on someone's body. Permanent cosmetic studios also tattoo on eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner for those who want their makeup to be permanent. In these cases, you may not even know that you are looking at a tattoo!

Tattoos have steadily gained popularity in the last decade, getting tattoos is now a trend that shows little sign of slowing down.

Tattoos can show that your in a group, whether it's a tribal marking, gang signs or a family crest. But there are many other reasons why people get tattoos.

One of the main reasons tattoos have grown so rapidly in modern society, it the fact of how the are being advertised. People look up to the celebrities, rock stars, movie stars, sports stars and super models mentioned earlier. They see them with tattoos and think it would be "cool" if they too had tattoos, so the go out and get tattoos to try make themselves as "cool" as the celebrities.

Angelina Jolie receiving a tattoo.

The most popular tattooed female celebrity in the world today is Angelina Jolie. This actress, who has stunning good looks, has over a dozen tattoos,