This essay is about teens and high risk behaviors (drugs) why not to do them and where they will bring you with three examples why teens may choose to try drugs

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Many teens these days indulge in high-risk behaviors, for instance drug use. Teens often start doing drugs "to be cool, or fit in", the result of peer pressure, speak from experience. I smoked my first joint of marijuana with a couple of my friends when I was a freshman in high school. I have always been rebellious in my lifetime so I gave it a shot. We went to my friend Mikes older brothers friends house who was having a party that night and we were asked if we wanted to some "pot" nervously we all said alright and got high. Yes, I still smoke weed, and think nothing of it; I do not find it wrong in any way although it has gotten me into many other drugs.

I think that some teens do drugs because of a bad childhood. They may use drugs as a means to escape from past pain and problems.

Instead of sports, music, or other hobbies they decide to use drugs as a distraction. I for one have been fortunate to come from a happy home yet still have chosen to drugs, because of peer pressure.

Two years after I tried marijuana I tried the drug called opium. I was at my cousin Tim's school up in Vermont and he had some opium for us to try. This is a tar looking substance that was used for sleeping aid. We took a pinch of the opium rolled it into a ball and put it into the marijuana in the pipe and lit it on fire as we puffed it away. This again I tried because of peer pressure. The smoke smelled like potpourri, like flowers and got me high; I continued to use it as a means of escape. I have then smoked opium...