This essay tells you: What Alcoholism Is, What Are It's Side Effects?, and Why To Avoid It.

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Alcoholism, also known as alcohol-dependence, is a chronic disease marked by a craving for alcohol. People who endure this persistent ailment are universally identified as alcoholics. Countless diverse types of citizens with different occupations like doctors, lawyers, workers, highly-paid business officials, police officers, school faculty staff, football coaches, computer graphic analyzers, garbage pickers, and just about anyone who suffers from anxiety or emotional pain. Alcohol gets quickly absorbed into the entire body and affects nearly every tissue.

Alcohol is not healthy. Moderate and high doses of alcohol dishearten the functions of the central nervous system, including the brain (the higher the alcohol level, the greater the impairment.) Small amounts of alcohol may relieve tension or fatigue, increase appetite, or produce an anesthetic effect that numbs pain. Large quantities of alcohol are not recommended because it inhibits or depresses higher thought processes, which could end in stupor and possible death when you are operating heavy machinery (such as driving a car.)

Other serious side effects may include hepatitis, cirrhosis, strokes, cardiomyopathy, heart disease, confusion, sleeplessness, depression, and terrifying hallucinations.

There is also an organization, MADD - which stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. People who often drink alcohol and drive are risking their life and many others because it makes you react slower to your surroundings. The effects of drinking beer and other alcoholic drinks causes hangovers as well as other various effects described above. Hangovers cause headaches and usually makes your eyes sensative to light.

I am personally against Alcoholism. Setting goals and boundaries for yourself is a must. The most basic is perhaps telling yourself that you can't drink unless you are 21. That is a good boundary because if you follow that rule, you will not get in trouble with the law. As well...