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In the novel, Lord of the Flies, many apparent themes are presented by William Golding. We were assigned the task of finding song lyrics that contained themes parallel to those found in chapter eight, Gift for the Darkness. The song that eventually concluded our search was ?Get a Life? by Pennywise. We chose this song, because we believe it contains themes identifiable in both chapter eight of the novel, and the song itself. These themes include the following: corrupt leadership, group procrastination, and societal decline.

Corrupt leadership is a common theme, encountered not only in fictional realities, but those of the world that we are confined within day-to-day. Chapter eight presents itself as an embodiment of this theme, as it illustrates Jack?s dictatorial rise to power and the seemingly harmless actions he has his followers carry out. Though not addressed in this chapter, these actions eventually brought rise to a bone-chilling increase in their aggressiveness.

The song, Get a Life, voices clear facts about corrupt leaders and their actions: ?Criminals in power want to take your rights away / Never hear your protest they won?t have you have your way / ods abused solutions refused / Well good for you but someday you will lose your life? (6-7, 11-12). Jack strated these qualities in chapter eight when he attempted to overthrow Ralph?s authority through a vote; though Jack lost the vote, he used manipulation to subtly gain control of the boys, within a new clan that he chose to form. The best example of Jack?s corrupt leadership is expressed in the following: ?Roger spoke. ?Chief...[h]ow can we make a fire?? Jack [said]... ?We?ll raid them [Ralph?s clan of boys] and take fire. There must be four of you; Henry and you, Bill and Maurice...Roger can a...